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Yosemite Falls By: Sean O'Loughlin
Yosemite Falls by Sean OLoughlin

By: Sean O'Loughlin<br /><embed width="150px" height="16px" name="plugin" src="http://maestro1.cadenzaone.com/mp3/CF827803.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">
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The grandeur and spectacle of Yosemite National Park is the inspiration for the music of Yosemite Falls. Located in the northwest corner of California, this park continues to be a natural wonder to all who visit it each year. The falls are particularly beautiful in the spring when all the snow from winter is melting away. The piece begins with a pulsing rhythmic figure that will return periodically throughout the piece. Bring out the dynamic contrast in the section that follows at m. 9. The main melody appears at m. 17 and should have a light and airy feel to it. The secondary melody comes in at m. 30 and has a much more legato and lyrical quality. This melody continues to grow and expand until m. 44 when the opening rhythmic idea returns. This rhythm gets developed further throughout the next few sections until the main and secondary melodies collide at m. 67. Bring out the inner lines to create a lush accompaniment. This culminates in a unison statement of the melody at m. 83. The silence on the downbeat

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