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Southland in the Springtime By: Alan Lee Silva
Southland in the Springtime by Alan Lee Silva

By: Alan Lee Silva<br /><embed width="150px" height="16px" name="plugin" src="http://maestro1.cadenzaone.com/mp3/CF168144.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">
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Evoking the hope and possibility of new things to come in Spring, Southland in Springtime creates a joyful pastoral atmosphere in an American style that is filled with lyrical melodies and contemporary harmonies. Written in AABBAC form, a lilting solo violin at m.5 states the main theme (A) over driving, open-string fifths and staccato phrases in the rest of the orchestra. The piece opens up and grows at m.13 as the full violin section joins in and the whole orchestra swells. Violin I carries the tune, Violin II/Viola play percussive open-string double stops, and the low strings push forward with pulsing root figures. The six-measure build at m.21 ramps up and launches the exuberant chorus (B) at m.27. At that point, the piece soars and propels joyously forward with an energetic pulse. Violin I has repeated sixteenth-note figures in the (C) sections. The piece quiets momentarily, and the lyrical solo violin returns in mm.44-46. The cellos carry the tune underneath pizzicato figures in the upper strin

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