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Light the Candles! By: Deborah Baker Monday
Light the Candles by Deborah Baker Monday

By: Deborah Baker Monday<br /><embed width="150px" height="16px" name="plugin" src="http://maestro1.cadenzaone.com/mp3/CF237608.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">
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This piece is an original composition. I was looking for a catchy theme such as Simon Tov or Mazel Tov to use for a Hanukkah season arrangement. I came up with my own theme and used it for the piece. The rhythm of the words "...light... the candles" seemed to fit the musical figure played by the cellos in the first measure. The words refer to the lighting of the candles of the Menorah, a popular tradition during Hanukkah. Hanukkah is a celebration by the Jewish faith which falls a few weeks before Christmas. Many school programs are now including music from a variety of winter holidays. Music from the Jewish tradition is very attractive in its unique tonality and syncopated rhythms. The figures in this piece are not complex, but create a momentum which drives the piece. The A theme is handed around throughout the sections. Have students learn this so it is always recognizable whenever it recurs. The B theme is stated in the low strings (including the viola on its C string) accompanied by soft tremolo harmonie

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