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CadenzaOne is THE place to sell your music digitally!  We offer the safeguards and efficiency to safely sell your music in electronic formats.  You don't have to sacrifice quality or security to promote and sell your music online.  Register now and join these publishers who have already listed their music with us:
Alfred Music Publishing
Alliance Publications

American Guild of English Handbell Ringers
BrassWorks 4
Burke and Bagley
BVD Press
Canadian International Music
Candela Music Publishing
CanticaNOVA Publications
Cimarron Music Press
Chorister's Guild
Concordia Music Publishing
Cypress Choral
David E. Smith Publications
Heritage Music Press
JB Linear Music
Latham Music
Laurel Press
Lighthouse Music Publishing
The Lorenz Corporation, Inc.
Madison Music
Monarch Music
The Music Makers
Music Express
Piper Publications
Purifoy Publishing
Roger Dean Publishing
Sonshine Productions
The Sacred Music Press
Triune Music
Unity Music Press

-  Allow Viewing and Listening of Full Scores.

Would you buy a car you couldn't drive first?  A book you couldn't skim through?  So why would your customers buy sheet music after only seeing the first page and hearing nothing? 
We take each high-quality PDF you send us and make JPG images for the actual website.  Our unique zoom tool allows customers to easily view entire scores while listening to them and WITHOUT being able to save them. There is no way to steal music by printing the screen, saving the image, etc. If someone tries to piece together our "zoomed in" images, the watermark becomes opaque during the printing and copying process, rendering the music unusable.

-  Deter theft.

We have made it virtually impossible to steal our music, setting the new industry standard for end-user licensing.  Each page of the scores we re-sell have our copyright agreement on it, which includes the name of the institution allowed to have the piece, how many copies they can have, a statement that use by any other institution is stealing, a link to anonymously report theft on the web, and the maximum statutory damages for stealing music.

-  Promote your brand.
Featured items allow publishers to get the attention of our shoppers.  Additionally, search results display your logo, branded with each composition you sell.  Your loyal customers can still find you easily.  They can even search for pieces published only by you along with other criteria.

-  Cut overhead.
All we need is a high-quality PDF file from your engraver, a description, and an mp3 file.  We'll do the rest.  That takes out the cost of printing, physical building space, distribution, and shipping for you.

-  Sell more music.
With an efficient business model and low overhead, CadenzaOne cuts out many of the costs associated with sheet music distribution.  We pass the savings on to our customers, meaning that they can buy more music with their current budget.  We have found that this is also a huge deterrent to illegal copying.  More affordable music is good for everyone!

-  Make money from out-of-print titles.

With virtually no cost, you can put your out-of-print titles safely back on the market through our customizable, searchable website! Send us the old pieces you want to breathe new life into, and we'll do the rest.That's it!  Start making money tomorrow on hundreds, if not thousands of pieces.

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